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We have learning environments designed specifically for your child's current life stage. We serve children aged 12 months to 5 years old (before Kindergarten starts of course).

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Comprehensive safety measures that exceed industry standards.


Individualized Care

Each child is unique, and our activities cater to individual needs.


Holistic Growth

Not just academics but emotional, physical, and spiritual growth

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Toddler Program

Embark on a delightful journey of discovery with our Toddler Program! This is the nurturing space where your young adventurers can satisfy their innate curiosity while soaking up new skills. Guided by our seasoned educators, daily activities are designed to engage each child's imagination and stimulate a love for learning.

From the first doodle to the last word of a story, curiosity is the guiding force here. Our team excels in transforming this curiosity into meaningful hands-on learning experiences. Whether it's diving into art projects or delving into the wonders of language and sign language, we create a comprehensive learning arena for your child's developing intellect. Social skills aren't left behind either; we encourage positive interactions to foster future friendships.

Physical activity has its own special place in our Toddler Program. Every tot participates in our unique Movement Program to fine-tune their motor skills and harness that endless toddler energy productively. Here, your child's imagination is free to roam, but always within the loving and attentive gaze of our skilled staff.

Happy Baby Playing With Toy Blocks.
Happy Girl Building With Colorful Wooden Blocks

Two Year Old Program

Step into the world of our Two-Year-Old Program, the launching pad for your child's preschool journey and beyond. Here, we prioritize the essentials like positive social interaction and self-help skills, laying a robust foundation for their upcoming academic adventures. Whether it's mastering the art of dressing themselves or navigating mealtime etiquette, your child will embrace self-reliance through guided practice.

With our dedicated and compassionate teachers steering the way, we curate daily lessons that tap into every facet of a child's potential. Expect a stimulating mix of activities that run the gamut from music and language to science, math, and even technology. Add in dashes of creative art and dramatic play, and you've got a holistic developmental haven. Welcome to a program where learning is not just child's play, but a well-rounded experience tailored for young minds.

VPK Program

Welcome to our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Program, where the journey toward elementary school education begins with a focus on holistic development. With carefully planned daily lessons, our adept teaching staff ensures your child is exposed to an enriching curriculum that includes everything from science and math to language, art, and even technology.

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